John E. Tavis, PhD

Dr. Tavis received his PhD in molecular biology from Pennsylvania State in 1990 and post-doctoral studies with Dr. Don Ganem at the University of California, San Francisco. Since 1994, Dr. Tavis has been an investigator at Saint Louis University School of Medicine. Currently, as professor of virology, his lab has focused on HBV since its inception and is currently pursuing basic biochemistry and antiviral drug discovery targeting the viral ribonuclease H. Additional interests include HCV genetics and anti-herpesvirus drug discovery.

Dr. Tavis has served on the American Cancer Society peer review panel and the NIH VirB study section. He is currently a member of the American Cancer Society’s Council on Extramural Grants, a member of the Governing Board for the ICE-HBV consortium seeking to guide evidence-based efforts to cure HBV, and chairs the Scientific Advisory Council for the annual International HBV molecular Biology meeting.

Dr. Tavis has been married to his wife of 47 years, Maureen Donlin, PhD, research professor.