Volunteer & Naomi Judd Awards


Cheryll at the 2015 Diamonds Gala – MISSION POSSIBLE

Cheryll Pinder

2016 Volunteer of the Year

When serendipity steps in, it can be a delightful surprise.  The Friends surprise showed up as Cheryll Pinder!  She was working in the building that is home to the Friends office when she met Leisa one day in the lunch room.  Cheryll was interested in helping Friends of the SLU Liver Center and first volunteered for the 2014 Diamonds Gala. 


Cheryll at the 2016 Diamonds Gala

At last year’s gala, Cheryll brought the raffle ticket sales to an all-time high and motivated her fellow raffle volunteers!  Cheryll has a cheerful spirit and is a joy to work with.  This year she joined the Diamonds Planning Committee and is our Leader in the Raffle Booth area – please tell her THANK YOU for her service when you buy your raffle tickets!

The Friends of the Saint Louis University Liver Center extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Cheryll for the support she has provided and the Friend she has become!

Congratulations Cheryll!


Brent Tetri, M.D.

2016 Naomi Judd Award Recipient

Dr Brent Tetri is a medical graduate of Yale University, who then completed his internal medicine residency at the University of Wisconsin in Madison before going on to do a fellowship in Gastroenterology and Hepatology and the University of California at San Francisco.  He came straight from that fellowship to become a junior faculty member at Saint Louis University in 1990 and has risen through the ranks from assistant to associate and now full professor with tenure.  Dr Tetri took over from Dr Bruce Bacon as the Director of the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at SLU in 2010.

Dr Tetri’s interest in liver disease was nurtured at UCSF under the tutelage of many of the greatest researchers in liver disease as that institution has always been a powerhouse of hepatology and the home base for a number of presidents of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases.  Some of his early research papers were related to mechanisms of liver damage and then he turned his attention to looking at how this liver damage led to scarring or fibrosis in the liver.

His encyclopedic knowledge of how the liver works and its role in metabolism led him naturally to study non-alcoholic fatty liver disease – an emerging serious health problem that now affects more than 1 in 5 Americans.  In some individuals fatty liver disease can cause progressive liver damage and scarring of the liver, ultimately resulting in cirrhosis and even liver cancer and it is rapidly taking over from hepatitis C as one of the major diseases dealt with by liver specialists.

Dr Tetri has played an important leadership role in a small and select group of researchers funded by the NIH to study fatty liver disease – the NASH Clinical Research Network.  Over the course of the last decade, they have come up with now-standard definitions of the disease, and they continue to follow a large number of patients recruited from SLU and other centers around the country to determine the outcomes of having fatty liver disease.  In the midst of doing this, these researchers have begun to find new ways of treating fatty liver disease and Dr Tetri has made Saint Louis University into a national center of excellence trying to discover treatments for this potentially fatal disease.

In addition to his research excellence, Dr Tetri is an outstanding and compassionate physician who provides excellent care for many patients with liver disease inside and outside of the hospital.

Last but not least, it is important to emphasize his leadership of the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology.  Taking over from someone like Dr Bacon was not an easy thing to do, but he managed it with grace and determination.  In that leadership role, he is often called upon to find the best uses for the funds raised by Friends of the Saint Louis University Liver Center, so we think that will make this award even more meaningful to him.  Congratulations Dr. Tetri!


We depend on volunteers to help with our daily functions as well as to participate in the planning and execution of all annual fundraising events.

Daily Opportunities:

Data Base Entry – A general knowledge of the computer and typing skills are helpful.  There is still a lot of maintenance that can be done on data entry.

Clerical Help – A general knowledge of word and excel would be helpful.  Currently we need help with preparing mailing for our events and other general mailings.

Creative Work – We prepare a newsletter twice a year and this would require someone to be familiar with Publisher.  Writing and editing skills are a plus.  Our current timeline for the newsletter is Jan – Feb and October – November.

In Kind Item Solicitation – Preparing mailings to local businesses to recruit auction items

Sponsor Solicitation – Prepare sponsorship mailings – this is done through the year.  Some mailings use our data base information and others can be prepared by a volunteer who may have ties within the community.  This can be done in the office and can be done at home.

Event Opportunities:

Volunteer Committee Leader – recruit a group of volunteers to staff all the volunteer positions for an upcoming event.

In Kind Donation Solicitation Committee – same as line item above, but dedicated to a particular event.  People in this group could work together with other friends to form a large mailing as a committee.

Sponsorship Recruitment Committee – same as line item above, but dedicated to a particular event and this person may be the liaison between a select few companies, so having a few people working on this committee would be beneficial.

Decoration Committee – This committee could helping with event theme or could go as far as take on the decoration planning and preparation and recruiting of volunteers to help with this project.  Depending on size of event and area to decorate this would determine the number of volunteers.

Set Up – Usually arrive early in the day to set up tables, auction items, paperwork and any other on site details for the event.  We usually need 10-15 people for setup, depending on event size and location.

Raffle Committee Leader – Organize a group of 6-8 friends to sell raffle tickets at the event.

Registration/Checkout – This is the backbone for the accounting aspects of the evening, registering people, maintaining silent, live and big board auction information, as well as preparing paperwork for checkout.  An accounting or banking background is helpful.  We usually need 6-8 people in this area and in the past have found that bank tellers or accounting reps have made great volunteers in this area.

Photo Attendant – Works with the photographer capturing names of those in the pictures.  If we set up a photo booth, then we need someone who will take pictures and one person to write the log of who is in the pictures.  These are two different volunteer opportunities.

Silent / Live Auction Volunteers – Volunteers are needed to be at all the auction tables, some to walk around live auction items, and some to be runners for both the Silent and Live auction forms which are completed.  This takes approximately 20-30 people for D&D.

Tear Down/Clean Up – End of the evening clean up crew.  We try and pull some of the volunteers from other volunteer areas for tear down/cleanup.  The tasks are different depending on the venue, but it is an overall packing up of all Friends materials and storing items for transportation back to office.  We can manage on having 4-6 people help in this area.

If you want to help, contact Sue A. Adams, Executive Director, at our main office or email her at sadams@FriendsoftheSLULC.org.

Download a list of Volunteer Opportunities