Our Mission

Our mission is to raise money to:

  • support public education
  • promote understanding and awareness of liver disease
  • support research, treatment and cure of liver diseases at the Saint Louis University Liver Center located at Vista and Grand Blvd. in the city of St. Louis, Missouri

All funds generated by our fundraising efforts stay in St. Louis.

Each year we present these funds to the world renowned Saint Louis University Liver Center.  These contributions allow them to continue to make great strides in basic and clinical research in the treatment for all types of liver disease.

Reasons to support the Friends of Saint Louis University Liver Center

  • The Saint Louis University Liver Center enjoys worldwide recognition as a center of excellence for research and treatment of liver diseases and liver cancer.
  • One of the SLU Liver Center’s better-known patients is Grammy-winning recording artist Naomi Judd of the popular Country duo “The Judds”, who after being diagnosed with hepatitis C, was given just three years to live.
  • As of January 2022, the Friends have raised and donated more than $5.4 million for the SLU Liver Center since its inception. The funds help support the critical infrastructure of the Liver Center from faculty salaries to visiting professorships and patient-oriented seminars and research.
  • By leveraging the donation of the Friends, the Liver Center is able to use the funds as “seed grants” for investigators to gather preliminary research data that in turn generates larger grants from outside sources. This seed grant process has generated $18.1 new dollars from outside the region for every $1 raised locally.
  • All money raised by the Friends of the Saint Louis University Liver Center stays in our region to support local, life-saving research and patient treatment.


Many of the Friends have a personal interest in the Liver Center since they or a close friend or relative have liver disease. You or someone you know may face this challenge one day.

Please help in our efforts to stop deadly liver diseases.

If you have questions, contact Leisa Duff, Executive Director, at the Friends’ office at 314-576-3078 or email her at: lduff@friendsoftheslulc.org. The Friends office is located at 14323 South Outer Forty, Suite 200M, Chesterfield, MO 63017.

The Friends of the Saint Louis University Liver Center is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.