Helpful Hints for Story Writing

As a patient suffering with liver disease, telling your story can help others understand the fight against liver disease and the benefits of donating money toward life-saving research. Your story can make a difference and here are a few helpful hints to get started:

  1. Gather your list of friends, family, neighbors and co-workers that you would like to receive your letter.
  2. Give a detailed history of your experience with the disease:
    • Describe your liver disease and how you were diagnosed.
    • Length of time with the disease.
    • Treatments you have undergone and the results (in laymen terms).
    • Doctors and medical staff who have supported you during your treatments.
    • How the disease has changed your life.
    • Any other details about how you have benefitted from the SLU Liver Center.
  3. Include facts and figures about liver disease and the SLU Liver Center from our organization’s “Talking Points” – Click here for “Talking Points”.
  4. Ask for their help and tell them how they can make a difference by making a donation toward finding a cure for liver disease.
  5. Remind them that the treatments and care you have received were made possible because of past donations to the Liver Center.
  6. Ask for a deadline for their donation.
  7. Include a return envelope addressed to the Friends of the SLU Liver Center, 14323 South Outer 40, Suite 200M, Chesterfield, MO 63017.
  8. Follow-up with a phone call, one to two weeks after you mail the letters to ask if anyone has questions and thank them for any help they can provide – this will greatly increase your chance of a donation.

Please call the Friends office at 314-576-3078 for assistance writing your letter or preparing your campaign. We look forward to helping you!