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27 April 2011

Gwinetta’s Story

My Story began on September 4th 2005, when I donated blood to the American Red Cross.

A week after I donated the blood, I received a letter stating they ran several tests on my blood and I was positive for Hepatitsis C Virus. I was devistated when I recieved the diagnosis on the HCVVirus, but went to see my primary physician (M. Granger) he then in turn sent me to a gastrologist (D. Cline), who did futher testing to ease my mind in the testing done before. After finding the same results, I took it upon myself to learn and investigate this virus futher. I downloaded alot of information on the HCV Virus and it’s treatments’. I was in denial about having HCV because I had no symptoms, until September of 2008. I prayed and with faith, also with my family’s help, I decided to start the treatment.The treatment was a series of injection’s, that were self administerd. The affects of the injection’s were like having to go through Chemotherapy. I started the treatment October 1st 2008 until April 1st of 2010. I went back to the doctor for routine blood work and theHCV virus had been detected again. Currently back on the Hepatitis C treatment. What I am asking for is that people join the cause to help us find a cure for the Hepatitis C Virus.


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