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27 April 2011

Nancy’s Story

Hello Family & Friends

My story begins in 1992 when my blood donation for a friend was rejected due to having “antibodies for hepatitis non-A, non-B”. My blood was tested and I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. From 1992 through 1996 I did two 6 month treatments followed by a 20 month research program (similar to chemotherapy). Still not responding to treatment, in 1997 I qualified for yet another research program using a combination of drugs (interferon and ribavirin). Finally my body responded and 12 months later there was no sign of the virus-I was cured! I’ve been virus free since April of 1997! For me, the research proved successful!

I became involved with the “Friends” because of Dr. Bruce Bacon, the world renowned doctor who led me to a cure. The mission of the Friends of the Saint Louis University Liver Center is to raise money for research. In 1992 there was little info and few treatments available for patients diagnosed with what was then known as a “terminal” disease…. It was amazing to watch research uncover the variety of virus types (called genotypes) there were. Research that has occurred since I was diagnosed now results in many more cures. Further, with the advent of newer drugs (eg, protease and polymerase inhibitors) even more people will be cured in the future!

There is much more research to be done and I encourage you to join me in the battle. Please help by making a donation to the Friends of the Saint Louis University Liver Center using their secure payment process. If you’re unable to donate, please volunteer. Your donation and helping hands can be the major catalyst on the road to a cure! Thank You!


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